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Tessitura Vignali has been operating for over 50 years with ability passion and competence.

Founded in 1963 by Vasco Vignali in the heart of Casentino Valley, an historic productive district since the 70s, the company immediately stood out as an excellent player in the realization and sale of high quality greige fabrics. Over time, the management chose to explore new fields and to consider with sensitivity and initiative customers growing requests, dropping the original core business and moving towards finished fabric sale.



Always projected towards foreign markets, Tessitura Vignali today combines productive strength, flexibility, competitive prices and customer tailored consultancy and is able to interpret, accompany and satisfy the most demanding requests of international design departments, offering unique workmanships for excellence, exclusivity and resistance.

With a plant of 3000 square meters in size and about thirty employees, the company keep pace with production peaks of 4 / 5,000 meters of fabric per day, for a total of over 1 million square meters per year achievable in infinite color variations.

The production is mainly intended for piece dyed fabrics, both stretch and bi-stretch ranging from 60g to m / linear up to 1000g / linear m. The collections, mainly intended for the Women’s clothing market, mostly trousers and coats, are made using wool, viscose, polyester wool, continuous filament viscose cottons and nylon in winter, while in summer the preferred fibers are linen, cotton and viscose.

Decades of experience and technical skills allow Tesssitura Vignali to offer a customized service that goes from the support in the choice between the endless alternatives in the cataloue, to the face-to-face design for more refined cuts, up to the creation and realization of technologically unique products upon request.



Dressing for excellence requires self-denial, undisputed professionalism, technical experience, investment and continuous experimentation, as well as a marked propensity for beauty in all its extraordinary manifestations.



Being a proactive and dynamic partner, able to support designers and phasonists from all over the world, proposing and creating infinite varieties of natural and synthetic, innovative and versatile fabrics, by type of processing or color variation.



Investing in technology and research to anticipate and satisfy the different requests of the most demanding creative departments, guaranteeing uniqueness, competitiveness and a service of excellence to the best Italian and European fashion houses.

Vignali is a guarantee of unique textile solutions and sure quality excellence