The continuous processing on three shifts allows the production of important orders up to an annual quantity of over 1 million square meters, divided into three macro-productive strands: raw fabric destined for woolen mills, finished fabric for important garment makers and an internal line for the production of scarves for the company’s own trade mark.

Strict quality control runs throughout all the process. From the research and selection of yarns, to the preparation operations (spinning, spooling, warping, sizing), passing through dyeing tests, up to the phases of weaving and finishing (brisk, desizing, mending, scouring, bleaching) , mercerization, sizing, grinding, calendering), all the different processing steps are subjected to computerized, optical and manual monitoring.

Expert and trained technical staff follows the fabric step by step, analyzes it visually, detects any imperfections by touch, maps or systematically eliminates the failures to ensure a finished product that is refined, intact and


GOTS CERTIFICATION – Global Organic Textile Standard

Tessitura Vignali has sought and obtained the prestigious G.O.T.S. Certification of Conformity, an international certification issued following in-depth verifications and specific checks on the entire spinning process. It ensures compliance with stringent environmental and social criteria for the production of fabrics and textile garments and guarantees the use of natural fibers of entirely biological origin (such as organic cotton or organic wool), as well as the development of an eco-sustainable production process carried out by protecting entirely the fundamental rights of workers.